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New tweak called Vibrato released !

I always enjoyed haptic feedbacks tweaks however none of the ones I tested was complete to my eyes (they was covering only one or 2 iOS part without too much customization and more, without classical vibration fallback methods).
So I took my 2 hands, a lot of coffee and started another development journey to be able to release a new tweak Vibrato !

Vibrato bring haptic feedback to a lot of iOS parts from keyboard to phone calls for example. The best of it is that it doesn't need any respring for the change to take effects, and if your device doesn't have an haptic engine Vibrato will use the classical vibration ! Useful if you don't have the newest Apple device ;).

I really enjoyed developing it and as far as I can see, the hundreds of existing users enjoy using it (see the reviews as an example on iDownloadBlog and on iPhoneTweak).

Let me know what you think about it by leaving a on the Packix's page ;)