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Cydia repo up with new FloatyDock version !

My Cydia repo is now up !
The goal of it is to provide you beta versions of my packages for you to test them before an official release on the main repository (BigBoss or Packix at this moment).
The first package published on it is FloatyDock version 1.5b1 and here is its content :

  • Added a setting to not show the dock when the keyboard is active
  • Added dock tint color option
  • Re enabled Slide Over on 5S/SE
  • Added a setting for custom icons vertical padding
  • Fixed gesture location with HomeGesture (devices older than X will present the dock with a gesture from the bottom and the CC with a gesture from the top right while iPhone X will invoke the dock with a gesture from the bottom left or right, the middle staying untouched)
  • Added theoretical support for XR/XS/XS max (still not compatible with Slide Over / Split View)
  • Fix Iconator11 conflicts

How to add it ? You can do it directly from the website by going to the repo menu and select "Add to Cydia" or by opening Cydia -> Sources -> Modify -> Add and by typing "" as the repo url. Enjoy ;)