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One thing I've always thought iOS was lacking is sound customization and by that I mean an equalizer or some sort of tools, making you having a real control on your device. One morning, I just decided to fill that gap and develop Volumizer to help everyone that feel the same thing as me, pushing once again the limit of the control you have over your device ;).

Here is the description of the application :

Customize everything volume related with Volumizer!

Compatible from iOS 7.0 to the last iOS versions, Volumizer allow you to set various things related to sound: :

- You can invert volume buttons in landscape left mode so that volume - button will increase the volume
- Set different volume level per application. 5 presets are available with more to come soon
- Ability to set a default volume
- Ability to restore to the default volume after an app in a preset is closed
- Ability to revert back to the previous volume level after an app in a preset is closed if the default volume option is deactivated
- More to come soon such as VolumeHUD customization!

Do you know the best ? It doesn't need any respring for the changes to take effect !

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Enjoy !

Here are the screenshots of the application :

How to get Volumizer ?

Simply head over to your favorite package manager, add Packix source, go to the "Search" tab and tap "Volumizer". You can also click the button bellow to open the Volumizer description's page in your web browser.


Please do not download Volumizer from a pirate repo as it could contain malware that could force you to restore your device for example ! By not doing this, you will also contribute to future development, which is greatly appreciated :)

Go to the Volumizer's page in Packix