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The goal of jailbreaking is to allow to work around the limitations Apple has put on our devices by customizing every aspects of our them. We already had solutions for icons but what about the sounds ? And here is SpringSounds !
SpringSounds was originally released in 2015 but due to the lack of interest got abandonned.
Since I got a lot of requests for it recently I decided to bring it back to life with the version 2.0 that bring stability and a perfect compatibility with all the iOS versions from iOS 10.

Here is the description of the application :

SpringSounds, a 4 years old tweak, make its comeback from the dust to be better than ever !

SpringSounds is a free tweak that allow you to change some system sounds.

At the moment Keyboard, Lock, Photo Shutter, Plug, Received message and Sent message are supported. More to come soon...

It also support custom themes, meaning that other devs or designers can create packages for SpringSounds to use different sounds than the included ones ! To summarize, if you want to include your sounds in SpringSounds simply put it in /Library/Application Support/SpringSounds/Themes/ and in the folder you want (full instructions available here or within the tweak's settings).

Enjoy ;)

Here are the screenshots of the application :

How to get SpringSounds ?

Simply head over to your package manager, add Packix source, go to the "Search" tab and tap "SpringSounds". You can also click the button bellow to open the SpringSounds description's page in your web browser.


Please do not download SpringSounds from a pirate repo as it could contain malware that could force you to restore your device for example !

Go to the SpringSounds's page in Packix