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PowerDown Customizer

In a jailbroken environment, you sometimes need to reboot your device or simply respring it. But the power down screen of the stock iOS doesn't comes with these power options, this is where PowerDown Customizer comes in !
Get more options in the powerdown screen such as reboot, respring, safemode and lock ! Packed with 5 awesome styles to enjoy ;)

Here is the description of the application :

Tired of having to completely power off your device just for restarting it ? Or to enter a command-line for a respring ?

So PowerDown Customizer is done for you !
iOS 8+ compatible
iOS 7 version available here

With this tweak, you can have different style of PowerDown View that give you these options:
- Power Off
- Reboot
- Respring
- Safe Mode
- Lock

PowerDown View style available:
- UIAlertView (classical iOS alert)
- UIActionSheet (classical iOS botton menu)
- Blurred view with circular button
- Android Lollipop style (with beautiful material design !)

You can also fully customize the "Blurred view" and "Android" style (blur style, background color, button color, etc...) within the Settings app !
If you do any change, no respring will be necessary (PowerDown View style, color options, etc...)

If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesistate to contact me !

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Here are the screenshots of the application :

How to get PowerDown Customizer ?

Simply head over to your favorite package manager, go to the "Search" tab and tap "PowerDown Customizer". You can also click the button bellow to open the PowerDown Customizer description's page in your web browser (if you do this on your jailbroken device, you will be asked if you want to open this page in Cydia) !


Please do not download PowerDown Customizer from a pirate repo as it could contain malware that could force you to restore your device for example ! By not doing this, you will also contribute to future development, which is greatly appreciated :)

Go to the PowerDown Customizer's page in Cydia