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iOS really lacks technical informations about your iDevice : do you need your IP address over cellular network, informations about your battery like it's health, current and max capacity, how much storage space you have left on the system and private partition, etc... ? This is where iAdministrator comes in !
Get full control over your iDevice by obtaining all the technical informations you need ! iAdministrator give you informations about your network, your battery, your system and private storage, your hardware, etc...

Here is the description of the application :

Everyone want to jailbreak there phones to get full control over it. But how to get this power without a proper tool ? Here come iAdministrator !

With iAdministrator, you can get a lot of detailed informations about every pieces of your iDevice, software and/or hardware part with simplicity in mind !

This app support all iOS devices from iOS 7.X to 10.x. .
Optimized for all size of iPhones and iPad, so you can be sure this app looks good on your iDevice !


List of features:

*** Analyze of Device Partitions
Get detailed informations about your system partition, private one, and see what’s filling up your memory !
More to come: graphical representations of data

****** Memory Management
Get a complete review by type of data and clean what is useless for you ! Supported data for the moment:
*** Packages
Cydia cache directory
Cydia sources data
Unused dependencies
*** Stock Applications
Calendar events
Call history
Contact list
Sms and attachments
*** Various Files
Cache files
Log files
Temporary files
*** Pictures
@2x pictures
@3x pictures
iPad pictures
iTunesArtwork pictures
More to come: more things to analyze and clean !

*** Packages Management
Backup all your installed packages and restore them ! Useful in case you have issues with your device and plan to restore it (Backup stored under iTunes safeguard place, at /var/mobile/Library /Preferences/iAdministrator)
More to come: Package (.deb) installation/uninstallation, Sources management (add/remove)

****** Device Informations

*** Accessory
See how many accessory you have plugged into your device (including hearphones and third-party accessory)
More to come: get detailed informations about accessory plugged

*** Battery
Everyone know that the battery percentage shown in the status bar is really inaccurate, so iAdministrator will let you know the real battery status of your device. Along this, get some useful informations about your battery health like the battery charge in term of amperage, the real maximum capacity of your battery, cycle count, temperature etc… and get some stats about remaining time on some different situations… And all of this with a refresh time of 10 seconds !
More to come: more specific data depending on device capability, graphical representations of data, and informations about the remaining time of the refresh

*** Carrier
Get some informations about your carrier like it’s name, country codes, etc…

*** Hardware
Get a detailed list of device capabilities and hardware
Device model and name
OS name and version
Device uptime
Display informations
Camera informations
WLAN card informations
Dimensions, height…
CPU and GPU informations
More to come: other informations

*** Localization
Get funny informations about your localization like your country, your time zone, etc…
More to come: Address and gps data, exact representation of country and language (please send me your country alongside of the country informations that iAdministrator has provided to you so that I could show you non shortcuts data, same with language informations, thanks !)

*** Network
Really useful for lambda users and experimented ones, iAdministrator will let you know some useful informations about your connection
Connection type
Local and External IP Address
MAC address (as apple doesn’t provide way to do this, if you see that this information is wrong, please contact me)
WIFI informations (netmask/broadcast address, SSID and BSSID…)
More to come: ping data, and some others surprises ;)

*** Processor
Get a list of running processes alongside the number, and informations about your cpu

*** RAM Memory
Get useful informations about RAM, including the amount of RAM shipped with your device, free and used memory… With a refresh time of 10 seconds !
More to come: clean memory system, graphical representations, informations about the remaining time of the refresh…

This app has been developed for months, but issues could appear so let me know of any problems encountered !
If you want something to be included in the app, please contact me, I’ll be happy to do this for you.
I’ll do my best to reply to you as soon as possible !

Follow me on twitter for app giveaway, update informations, etc… at @SynnyG_R ;)

Here are the screenshots of the application :

How to get iAdministrator ?

Simply head over to your favorite package manager, go to the "Search" tab and tap "iadministrator". You can also click the button bellow to open the iAdministrator description's page in your web browser (if you do this on your jailbroken device, you will be asked if you want to open this page in Cydia) !


Please do not download iAdministrator from a pirate repo as it could contain malware that could force you to restore your device for example !

Go to the iAdministrator's page in Cydia