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iOS icons are really well designed, but sometimes can be boring ! This is where DailyIcons comes in !
DailyIcons simply customize the Calendar app's icon with a daily basis, according to what the theme maker have done ! Choose your DailyIcons theme in the Settings app of your iDevice and enjoy ;)

Here is the description of the application :

Have a beautiful look on your device with DailyIcons !

This tweak simply customise the calendar's icon with a daily basis, according to what the theme maker have done.

Two beautiful themes are included with DailyIcons. They have been done by my friend, a talented theme maker, called Frenchitouch !

How it work ?

- Simply go to the DailyIcons's settings page
- Choose a theme to apply
- Click on respring button and enjoy your Daily Icons ;)

DailyIcons is fully customisable, not only the included themes can be applied, custom ones can be created. Instruction on how to create your DailyIcons theme can be found inside the settings page, or here is the link.

This tweak is the result of a collaboration between SynnyG and Frenchitouch, don't forget to follow us on Twitter for news, app giveaway, etc... (@SynnyG_R and @frenchitouch)

Enjoy ;)

How to get DailyIcons ?

Simply head over to your favorite package manager, go to the "Search" tab and tap "DailyIcons". You can also click the button bellow to open the DailyIcons description's page in your web browser (if you do this on your jailbroken device, you will be asked if you want to open this page in Cydia) !


Please do not DailyIcons from a pirate repo as it could contain malware that could force you to restore your device for example !

Go to the DailyIcons's page in Cydia